A Different Mindset for Senate Leadership

Barack Obama threw down the gauntlet with his, “make no mistake about it.” The people of America picked it up and ran it through his policies and Harry Reid as chief obstructionists.

Last night Georgians and the rest of America rallied behind the Republican candidates to deliver a clear and unmistakable message. The key to understanding this rally is that word, “candidates.”

Georgians and Americans did not deliver such a blow to Democrats because they were so enamored with the Republican party. The Republican party has the opportunity to recognize the distinction and move us ahead as a nation or fail to listen to their constituents and pay a dear price.

All of the pundits are talking about Mitch McConnell as the next majority leader of the Senate. Not so fast. He may very well be the next majority leader. The Senate has deep traditions and respect for those traditions. He should not take his leadership position for granted. This is not and cannot be business as usual.

The very same people who led the wave of Republican victories are, in part, the same people who have been criticized and ridiculed by those in leadership positions in the Republican party. Millions got behind Republican candidates across the nation because of the clear and present danger of Harry Reid.

Harry Reid was one problem that we could fix in this election cycle. The way to fix it was to elect Republican candidates. That is what Georgians and Americans did.

One problem solved, now to the next. Republicans do not have to wait until January. Before we start putting together our agenda for January, we need to look inside and have a very candid understanding about a few things in a “family council.”

For example, the actions in the Mississippi Republican primary cannot be merely swept under the rug. There were some in the Republican establishment who displayed despicable behavior.

When Senator Ted Cruz took a stand on Obamacare, he was treated by some of his own leaders as if he was destroying the Republican party. It is one thing to disagree with a tactic, it is another to offer nothing except ridicule toward our own and capitulation to the Democrats as the only viable alternative.

I do not suggest that we have the typical Republican circular firing squad. We just need to have a crystal clear understanding. It cannot be business as usual. There is a new breed of US Senator that is coming to Washington. They neither need nor want the trappings of power and prestige.

I believe that it would be of great value for the Republicans in the Senate to have a real election for its leadership. Mitch McConnell may be selected as the next Majority Leader. He needs to understand that he has to earn it. One way to earn it is to display a different mindset. It can’t be business as usual.

For the past couple of months there has been punditry galore about this race in Georgia. All I heard was runoff, runoff, runoff. Last Sunday afternoon, I sent some predictions and observations to my friend Todd Rehm at the Georgia Pundit. I asked him to hold them in escrow until today and he would be free to publish.

Drumroll and the envelope please. Todd Rehm’s summary in the Georgia Pundit:

“I’d say he pretty well nailed it.”

Click Here to Read the Full Article in gapundit.com.

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