I do something that few people do.  I look up bills that are under consideration by Congress and read them. I make notes and make calls to stop the destructive policies of the Obama Administration. Two of the most destructive bills in the Obama administration were Cap and Trade and the Affordable Health Care Act. Both pieces of legislation were over 2000 pages long.

While reading through both bills, I found them to be complicated, convoluted, and lacking any semblance of common sense. It was this experience that led me to coin the title for this blog, “Common Sense from DC – Not Washington”

I served as the Dougherty County, Georgia Co-Chair for the 2002 Sonny Perdue gubernatorial campaign. I wrote numerous e-mail articles shared across the state during the campaign. I later used these messages as the basis for a book about the historic election entitled, “Grassroots: Leading Others to Accomplish the Impossible”

I later served Chairman of the Dougherty County Republican Party and then as the Chairman of the Georgia 2nd Congressional District Republican Party. In these roles, I continued writing conservative editorials and e-mail messages to influence and encourage citizens to exercise the right and responsibility of involvement in the political process.I use the simple phrase, “Note from Don Cole” as the leading phrase in the subject line of each message.

In 2013, David Perdue asked me to serve as State Steering Committee Co-Chair for his campaign for the US Senate. I served in this key role as David Perdue handily defeated a nationally funded Democrat.

My writings have now grown to the next stage of influence with this website. Here you will find observations, analysis, encouragement, and simple common sense.

I will not bombard you with forwarded e-mails.My writing is original, brief, easy to read, and to the point. When you receive an e-mail with the heading, “Note from Don Cole,” you will know that you gain informative and interesting analysis and commentary that is worth reading and sharing with others.

Thank you for reading.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

I appreciate you taking the time to read my thoughts. Please forward these to your friends and share on Facebook. Also, let me hear from you. I always enjoy hearing back from you and I try to respond when you take the time to write me.