Comey, Ice Cream, and September

Each day, the mainstream media and the Democrats in Congress display their utter contempt for President Trump.  Over a week ago, President Trump dismissed FBI Director James Comey.

The President has the full authority to dismiss the director along with many other appointed positions in the Executive Branch.  The FBI Director serves at the pleasure of the President.  Yet the squawks keep coming after a full week.

Democrats continue to harp on attempted Russian interference in the election.  There is an ongoing investigation to determine if, when, and how the Russians may have tried to influence the election.

No one should be surprised when we learn that the Russians made efforts to disrupt and create confusion in the process. This is nothing new.

Many countries in the world, including the United States, attempt to infiltrate, influence, and sway elections. An organization funded by the Obama administration State Department unashamedly deployed US resources in last year’s elections in Israel in an attempt to defeat Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.

There have been no plausible claims of election fraud that would have given the election to Trump. There is no evidence showing that President Trump somehow colluded with the Russians to win the election.

The mainstream media and the Democrats continue to repeat the word “Russian” as if repetition will create a reality. Now, they add the dismissal of James Comey to the mantra.

The hysteria of the press has reached such a fever pitch that CNN did a segment which I initially thought was total satire from Saturday Night Live or the Onion (a satirical news site). The segment informed us of the fact that President Trump gets two scoops of ice cream while everyone else gets one. Yes, CNN devoted a segment on a story in Time magazine keeping the American people informed of such a grave matter of national importance. 

We are facing grave issues in our nation.  The compulsive focus on the minor issues for partisan political, if not juvenile, purposes reveals that Democrats have made a decision to vote against Trump at all costs.

In September, Congress is supposed to adopt a budget and send to the President. Democrats threatened a filibuster on the budget deal to fund the government through September 30, 2017.  Given their behavior, there is no reason to think that they will not do it again in September.

This time, the Senate needs to do one of two things.  They either need to force the Democrats to carry on a real filibuster – that is stop all other business and make them keep talking until there are enough votes to end debate and vote on a budget.  If it shuts the government down, then let the American people see the Democrats refusing to allow a vote on the budget while House, Senate, and President are standing ready to vote and approve.

The other option is a change of rules to end debate with a simple majority on budget matters as they do with nominations.  This would be another “nuclear option” to Senate tradition.

Our nation faces serious issues.  The debt crisis is as significant as any other crisis that we face. The crisis we face demands action that we cannot refuse to take merely because of tradition.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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