Fifteen Years Later

Fifteen years ago we were viciously attacked.  The enemy was not a nation with a flag.  It was an ideology of hate and domination.  We witnessed heroic actions of Americans.

Today we remember and honor those who fell on that day as well as those who have since fallen in the war against terror. We pray for those who are still fighting that war.
On that day in 2001 and the days following, America came together.  Images of fire fighters raising the American flag in the rubble of the Twin Towers displayed our resolve.

There will be speeches and well deserved words for law enforcement, fire fighters, emergency personnel, and those who served and are serving in the military. Many speeches will be sincere, from the heart, and with a resolve to win that has not abated or cooled over the past 15 years.  Others will be words uttered sanctimoniously with hypocrisy, duplicity, and downright deception.

There is a nostalgic line of thinking that on a day like today, we will all come together again as we did 15 years ago.  This line of thinking says to put aside our differences to remember those who died.  That is ignoring the reality of what we face today. I will make no attempt to be politically correct.

That bright, glowing, unified, bi-partisan resolve that led lawmakers to join hands and spontaneously sing “God Bless America” has since turned to dark, cloudy, discord. Since that fateful day 15 years ago, our nation has been attacked multiple times by Islamic terrorists.

Four years ago on this day, our Ambassador to Libya was killed by an organized, trained, group of Islamic militants.  The only action President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took was to deny permission to those who begged to intervene.

Over the following days, Obama and Clinton propagated lie after lie. They intentionally misrepresented the attack as mob violence that got out of hand because of a video posted on the internet.

Since that time there have been more terrorist attacks on our soil and in other nations around the world. When these attacks occur, Obama and Clinton, warn Americans not to show retribution toward those of the Islamic religion.

Obama has released hardened terrorists in exchange for a deserter. He has handed billions to Iran. He has apologized for the United States being the great and free nation that we are. Hillary Clinton promises to continue this legacy.

Under the guise of benevolence, Obama and Clinton advocate flooding our nation with able bodied men from known hotbeds of terrorism.  Those who wonder why these men are not fighting to defend their own families and communities, are immediately branded as Islamaphobes.

The best way to honor and remember those who died is to maintain the firm resolve to defeat the enemy. The enemy is the ideology of Islamic terrorism that is at war with our freedom.

The fight is not just on foreign lands.  The fight is not just in the intelligence and law enforcement communities working to prevent terroristic attacks.

The fight is right in your own community, at your ballot box. The fight is your determination to elect leaders who will display that firm resolve to defeat the enemy of Islamic terrorism. If you are eligible to vote, you are in the fight.

On this day, pause and think back to that fateful morning fifteen years ago.  The horror must spur you to do more than just simply have warm feelings of appreciation for military and first responders.

When you understand the gravity of what we face as a nation, your conscience should compel you to vote. Your conscience should compel you to support candidates who do display a firm resolve to defeat the enemy of Islamic terrorism.

In the Presidential election, Donald Trump is the choice and the only choice. Today of all days, is not the day to be politically correct and nostalgic for that brief moment of bi-partisan unity.  If that bi-partisan unity ever really existed at all, it does not exist today.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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