“Georgians Together” – New York City Mayor Bloomberg and His Cronies Helping Michelle Nunn

Michelle Nunn has had a massive infusion of cash from an organization named, “Georgians Together.” In the past few days, the big news is that Georgians Together is primarily funded from New York and the Washington, DC area.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg invested $350,000 representing nearly 70% of the total donations to the fund. Bloomberg is best known for his penchant for depriving his citizens of everything from their 2nd Amendment rights to the ability to super size their soft drinks.

Georgians need to know the truth about this organization and who is pouring over half a million dollars into Michelle Nunn’s campaign. It can hardly be called “Georgian” but they are certainly “Together” on liberal and far left values.

The donors on the first quarter report ending March 30, 2014 of Georgians Together consisted of 3 Atlanta lawyers – Roy Barnes – $10,000, James Butler – $20,000, and Keith Mason – $10,000.

The second quarter ending June 30, 2014 brought on one more liberal Atlanta donor, Ted Turner – $10,000, and the first New Yorker, investment banker Herbert Allen – $20,000.

In the first two quarters of its existence, Georgians Together represented donations to support Michelle Nunn totaling $70,000 from 3 Atlanta lawyers, 1 left-wing environmentalist well known for his atheistic comments, and 1 New York investment banker.

In the 3rd quarter, the primaries were over and Georgians Together added two more lawyers, Atlanta lawyer, James Butler – $50,000 and a Columbus, GA lawyer, John Morrision – $1,000. Another Atlantan, Holcombe Green gave $20,000. His occupation was listed as CEO with his employer being the Holcombe and Nancy Green Foundation in Buckhead.

The Holcombe and Nancy Green Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit organization established for charitable purposes. There is no web site for the organization. There is no listing of projects for the organization. The IRS does not list the organization in its list of active Non-profits.

Guidestar is a non-profit organization that provides information on file with IRS and other sources about non-profit organizations. Below is from the search results for the Holcombe and Nancy Green Foundation .

Screen Shot from Holcome and Nancy Green Foundation Report

So, at the end of three quarters, the only Georgians funding Georgians Together consisted of 5 lawyers associated with Atlanta law firms, Ted Turner, and a CEO of an organization that appears to no longer exist.

But in the 3rd quarter help was on the way from New York and the Washington, DC area for Michelle Nunn and Georgians Together. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg poured in $350,000, New York author Andrew Tobias pitched in $10,000. Two other New Yorkers, David Rappa – $5,000, and Doug Band – $2,500 in kind for catering an event. Additionally, from the Washington, DC area, Joseph Kaempfer pitched in $25,000.

Michelle Nunn started out her campaign decrying money coming in from outside Georgia. This is another example of the hypocrisy of her campaign. Over half a million dollars given to support Michelle Nunn with 4 out of every 5 dollars coming from New York liberals opposed to our constitutional rights. Georgians are not buying it.

Don’t just get angry and insulted. Take action and vote. Early voting is now underway. Don’t put it off. Go vote. Call your friends and urge them to vote now as well.

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