I Endorse the Pachyderms – RLG Vote Today!

I wholeheartedly endorse the Pachyderm ticket for the 2017 Republican Leadership for Georgia Class.  If you are an alumnus of RLG you should have received an e-mail for voting. Voting ends at 12 noon tomorrow (Friday, June 9, 2017).  I voted as soon as I got the e-mail.

Jordan Fuchs is Vice-President of Landmark Communications. She will use her expertise in communications and public relations to keep supporters and alumni connected and involved in the Republican agenda.  Jordan worked tirelessly as campaign consultant and manager for the recent successful special election victory of State Senator Kay Kirkpatrick.

Kay’s campaign was a bellwether for the 6th Congressional District. Democrats blitzed the district in a tight runoff election.  They desperately wanted a win to put wind in the sails of John Ossoff in the 6th.  Jordan not only held the line, but she advanced to win the victory.

Bill Vaught is a retired Air Force Officer and serves as the Chairman of the Houston County Republican Party.  He brings the strong connection the vital region of Middle and South Georgia.

Janice Westmoreland is the founder of the Milledgeville Area Patriots, a strong group based on Constitutional principles. She is the 1st Vice-Chair of the Baldwin County Republican Party.

John Stoj is a successful entrepreneur who founded, built, and sold his own business. He ran for Sandy Springs City Council and is a member of the Fulton County Republican Party.

The seed for Republican Leadership for Georgia was planted by the late Senator Paul Coverdell.  As the organization grew, there was a need for two distinct missions.  One was in the policy and study area and the other was the vision of developing leaders in the political process.

Republican Leadership for Georgia has developed and trained leaders who now serve in many roles in state government and Republican party leadership.  They are fulfilling the vision of Paul Coverdell.

The Pachyderm ticket will advance that vision.  If you have not voted, then find that e-mail with your ballot and cast your vote today.

Our mission… “To fill the ranks of Georgia’s Republicans with trained leaders:  people who are committed to the tradition of full participation in the political process, people who believe in Republican principles, and people who are willing to be or support candidates, to serve as state or local appointees and/or to work building the Party’s success at the grassroots level.” Senator Paul D. Coverdell

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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