Individual Responsibility

Shortly after 7:00 am this morning, a man went to a practice field and began firing at the individuals in the area. The field was in use by Republican members of congress practicing for an annual charity game between Democrats and Republicans.

The shooter died of wounds and was identified as James T. Hodgkinson. Media is abounding with information and debate about the event and Mr. Hodgkinson.

Governor Terry McCauliffe was quick to call for more gun control.  Conservatives pointed to the atmosphere of political discourse and hatred displayed toward President Trump.

While political discourse has been strong and often bitter, the only one who bears responsibility for the shooting today is the shooter. Not guns. Not liberals. Not Bernie Sanders. Not President Trump. Not Kathy Griffin. Not the Shakespear play.

James T. Hodgkinson made a decision to attack people on a baseball field. From all indications, he specifically targeted that field because Republican members of congress were on the field. His reasoning was warped and evil.  He made the decision.  He carried it out.  He is the one responsible.

Conservatives and Libertarians proclaim personal responsibility.  Yet, I see posts on Facebook and Twitter that focus on more on the fact that the shooter campaigned for Bernie Sanders than on the heinous crime he committed.

There are evil people who identify with each of the political groups, philosophies, and religions.  It could have just as easily been an attack on the field where Democrats practiced by an evil and hateful person who happened to support President Trump.

As tempting as it is, no one should do or say anything that shifts the responsibility to anyone or anything else. James T. Hodgkinson is to blame.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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