It Can’t Be Business as Usual

On September 3, 2013, I sent out my first e-mail introducing David Perdue. Throughout this long campaign and all that has been said, the basic point of my message has not changed. It can’t be business as usual. My original opinion that David Perdue is the right man for the right time has only been strengthened over these months.

If you have not already voted, you can still go vote early until Friday. Go Vote. We are not promised tomorrow. Get the responsibility done. Election day is next Tuesday, July 22. If you haven’t voted early, then get to the polls and vote.

I realize how discouraging the negativism in this campaign can be. Do not let your feelings keep you away from the polls. This is a right and responsibility. Don’t hand it over to someone else. Go vote.

Republished article below. It stands just as true today as it did when I first wrote it.
September 3, 2013

I once heard a story about Vince Lombardi, the famous coach of the Green Bay Packers. After a particularly bad loss, he gathered the team together and opened with these words, “Gentlemen, this is a football.”

It Can’t Be Business as Usual

Since last year’s election, how many times have you heard, or perhaps even said, one or more of these words or phrases: Disgusted, sick, tired, scared, no use, over the cliff, what’s the use?

You are not alone. Your feelings are not without basis.

The National Debt Clock is running faster than the tachometers at a NASCAR track on a Sunday afternoon. The fuel that feeds the debt clock is an insidious philosophy that goes beyond party-line, political rhetoric, and 30 second sound bites. It is a philosophy founded on the notion that the people believe that government is the source of our prosperity and the solution to our problems.

There are two critical problems in challenging this philosophy. The first problem is those who believe that government is the source of our prosperity and solution to our problems. The second, and I believe more challenging problem, is the disconnect between the culture found inside our governing institutions and the reality of fundamental economic truths that rule in the real world. The farther away those institutions are from the average American, the greater the disconnect.

There is no question that we are sliding down a slippery slope. One thing is for certain. If there is any hope of turning things around, it can’t be business as usual. Shouting at the television is not going to turn things around. Discussing at the morning coffee club is not going to turn things around. Knowing the ins and outs of Washington is not going to turn things around. Doing nothing and giving up will never turn things around.

Next year, we have the responsibility to go to the polls and elect individuals to serve us in local, state, and federal offices. One of those offices will be the US Senate. There will be primary elections for each major political party in the summer and then the general election in November to elect our next Senator.

On the Republican side, several have already announced and started to campaign. One candidate stands out. David Perdue has never run for office. He has applied the basic principles of American freedom and opportunity. He worked to grow business and create jobs which helped to create more business and more jobs. He understands the fundamentals of the founding fathers – a governing body, not made up of a permanent political class, but of leaders who would bring the perspective of citizens who had to live under the laws that they made.

I am supporting David. I ask you to take a look and get to know him. You will find a man who understands the crisis that we face and knows that it can’t be business as usual. Take a moment to watch his announcement video entitled, “I’m Ready.” I believe that you will like what you see.

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