“It is Over”

I watched C-SPAN coverage of the certification of electoral votes today. Our Republic continues to function in the transition of power. Vice-President Joe Biden as President of the Senate presided over the recording of votes from each state. The House selected two members and the Senate selected two members as tellers.

Beginning with the first state, Alabama, Democrats in the House of Representatives rose to object to the Electoral votes. Vice-President Biden repeatedly called the objections out of order and read from the Section 15 and 17 of the US Code indicating that objections must be in writing and signed by a member of the House and a member of the Senate. Objectors did not have a signature from a Senator.

After a Democrat objected to Georgia’s electoral votes, Biden again read from the US Code and asked if the objection was in writing and signed by a Representative and a Senator. When the Democrat answered that it was in writing and signed by a Representative but not signed by a Senator, Vice President Biden then simply stated “it is over.” Those three words brought a standing ovation by many of the members in the joint session.

I lost count of the number of times Democrats in the House rose to object and were ruled out of order by Vice-President Biden. At one point a Democrat in the House rose and stated that she was not asking to debate but held her objection up and asked if there was a Senator in the room who would sign her objection.

After all states reported, protesters in the gallery interrupted the final report. Vice-President Biden was talking as fast as an auctioneer as he completed the final report between protests.

The framework for the selection of President of the United States worked again. Some Democrat House members repeatedly displayed their intention to obstruct and interrupt the proceedings with objections.

Vice-President Biden pressed forward with order in spite of the objections and protests.  If you did not watch the 40 minute session, you can watch it here on C-Span.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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