My Response to Erick Erickson’s Latest

Erick Erickson is a talk show host on Atlanta’s WSB Radio. He was the editor of RedState, a conservative political blog. Recently he started another conservative blog, The Resurgent.

Erick has made it clear to anyone who reads his columns that he does not like Donald Trump. That is an understatement. He loathes and despises Donald Trump.

He has even said that if Trump is the nominee, he will not vote for him. That would be one less vote that Hillary would need if Erick follows through.

Today he posted an article entitled, “This has Festered Long Enough.” In this article, he calls on Rubio and Cruz to set their egos aside after tomorrow and unite to stop Trump. The one in third place delegate count yield to the one in second place and get behind him.

There are a few flaws in his reasoning. First, he seems to operate on the theory that the voters “belong” to a particular candidate. I have said this before. The voters do not belong to the candidate. The candidate belongs to the voter.

I recommend that Erick do something different. Listen to the voters. It appears that your hatred for Donald Trump is making so much noise that you can not or will not listen to anything or anyone else.

Even worse, if someone expresses support for Donald Trump, then you turn your attacks on the supporters. It appears that the anger ostensibly directed toward Trump, is in reality anger toward those who go against your opinion.

This is not an endorsement for Donald Trump. It is a call to be willing to listen to the voters tomorrow. It is also a call to be willing to listen to others who may not share your same opinion.

I have listened to many down in my neck of the woods in Southwest Georgia. There are those for whom I have the utmost respect who are openly campaigning for Trump. Others support Cruz, Rubio, Carson, or Kasich.

These are people who know each other. They respect each other. They may disagree on the candidate and they will promote their candidate to their fullest extent. They will not alienate or crucify the motives of those who support another candidate.

When the primary is over and we have a nominee, those that I know will give their support to the nominee. The level of the support and involvement may not be as strong if their choice is not the nominee, but they will support the nominee.

So, yes, Erick. This has festered long enough. Republicans across the South will vote tomorrow. There will be more primaries to come and we will decide on a nominee. Whether you like or not, Donald Trump, may very well be that nominee.

This has festered long enough. We vote tomorrow. It is time to listen. Most importantly, it is time to show more respect to those who decide to vote for Donald Trump.

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