Preacher Disgrace Not Absolved with Pie in the Face

In the Republican run-off for a Glynn County Commission race, Bishop Kenneth Adkins admitted to making up an endorsement from State Representative Jeff Jones for one of the candidates in the race.  The truth is that Jeff Jones endorsed the other candidate.

Georgia Pundit editor, Todd Rehm, shared a report from the Florida Times Union about the incident. According to the report, Bishop Adkins pulled photos from Representative Jones’ State Legislative site and Facebook page and then posted a statement that reads in part, “Just got a letter from Georgia State Representative Jeff Jones endorsing Dr. Peter Murphy…”  Adkins included a thank you to in his post to Representative Jones for his endorsement.

Adkins said that his motivation was because of what he perceived to be an unfair endorsement by Representative Jones for Murphy’s opponent in the race. Exodus 20:16 is easy to understand. “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. ” Where do you find an exception for perceived unfair endorsements?

Adkins made further light of the incident saying, “I told a lie” but went on to add, “Politics is lying and stretching the truth.”

No!  Politics is not lying and stretching the truth.  Some deceitful politicians and political operatives such as yourself may lie and stretch the truth.  Do not taint those who honorably serve and offer themselves as servants of the people with your flippant and damnable excuses for shameful behavior.

So, Bishop Adkins came up with a plan to do penance. He offered to allow anyone who donates 20 or more book bags to hit him in the face with a pie. He says, “I’m finally using my controversy, my stupidity and my foolishness for some good.’’

No! That is not for good.   You are asking other people to donate to a cause that focuses on you.  You are making a spectacle and drawing attention to yourself as if to absolve your disgrace.

I don’t think that you fully comprehend the damage you have done to those whom God has placed in your care.  Your premeditated lie and your flippant attitude toward our freedom to elect our leaders, toward those who offer themselves as candidates, and to Christians in general is without excuse.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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