Pretentious Predictions of Pompous Pundits

I have been watching the pundits, primarily on Fox News, and continue to be amazed at their predictions that basically write off the top three candidates, Trump, Carson, and Cruz. They act as if they are the HR Department who will hand the voters their list of acceptable candidates.

At worst it is arrogance. At best it is elitism. I call it simply pompous punditry.

It has been almost comical to watch these experts predict time and time again of Donald Trump’s campaign being “done.” They continue to say with an air of authority that, “of course Trump (or Carson, or Cruz) will never be the nominee.” On what basis do they make those kinds of statements?

The combined support of these three is bumping the 50% mark. When the supporters of any two of these three do go to another candidate, it will most likely be one of these three who gets the lion’s share from the other two. I don’t see any of these three going anywhere any time soon.

On November 11, 2014, I wrote an article about newly elected members of Congress going to orientation. In that article, I shared portions of an e-mail from, Tom Aldridge, a small business owner in Albany, Georgia. He summed up the feelings that have been repeated time and time again across the nation:

“I and most of my family voted a Republican ticket and we did that out of the need and desire for a change in the direction our country … I wanted to express to you my concern with the Republican Party and its willingness and determination to make necessary changes in our government.

Will they make changes? – You have the support of the people so let’s see it happen…. There are many issues that we must FIGHT FOR involving the principles and character that has made this country so great.

This is a Christian country founded on Christian principles and those principles are not for subrogation by man or politics just to suit our convenience. I want to encourage you to pass on the Republican party that the country wants results and bills placed on the President desk even if they are vetoed – but make that veto happen.

Don’t talk about what we cannot do but do what has been talked about. Keep our values and enact our laws to reflect the desires of the people. Stand up to the left-wing agenda and fight for what is right. Keep “political correctness” at bay and do not let it govern what you do and say….

Do not talk with political ambiguity and act out of self-serving benefit. Speak the truth and do what is right. We want integrity and honesty out of all our leaders and we are now DEMANDING it…..

Working together does not mean we cannot fight and stand for what is right. I have already heard statements from the Republican party showing they will not stand and fight – Mitch McConnell said there would not be a government shutdown – so that implies we are already positioning a retreat ?

I would like you to share this where you can. I feel it is representative of most of my friends.”

I do not know which candidate Tom Aldridge is thinking of supporting right now. His e-mail two days after the election reflects the same feelings that are drawing supporters to candidates such as Trump, Carson, and Cruz. Their supporters are growing in number and solidifying strong political organizations around the nation.

They are winning in the polls of the people. Those candidates who seek the praises of the pundits are the ones falling behind. I do not have a crystal ball. Things could change.

I do hear from people from all walks of life, all ages, all races, and all socioeconomic groups. Tom Aldridge said that he felt that his e-mail was representative of most of his friends.

From my perspective, his e-mail is representative of the voters who will be thronging to the polls next year. There is a critical mass growing that will throw the pundits with their pretentious predictions out the window on their pompous posteriors.

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