Republicans Turn the Tables in Crisp County Georgia

All politics is local. For years Republicans in South Georgia counties have voted in the Democrat primaries because local races were often only in the Democrat primary. In Crisp County this year it is different. There are no contested races in the Democrat primary.

All county wide incumbent candidates qualified as Republicans this year. Two county wide races, Probate Judge and Tax Commissioner and one County Commission race have multiple candidates. This means that if citizens of Crisp County want to have their say in selecting our local elected leaders, they will have to choose a Republican ballot.

For some this could be a first time. Those who choose a Democrat ballot will see that they have only one name for each local office. There are no choices. The only race where there is a choice is the US Senate primary to face Johnny Isackson or the Republican nominee in November.

The Democrat Party left the conservative values of South Georgia years ago. It takes a few years for reality to trickle down and change tradition. Local elected officials are now running on the Republican ticket. Crisp County voters, even those who voted in Democrat primaries in past years, identify with the conservative values of the Republican party.

There are important choices to make on May 24. For those in Crisp County who want to have a say in making those choices, they will have to choose a Republican ballot.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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