Responding to the Nunn Outsourcing Ad

Michelle Nunn rolled out a new attack ad against David Perdue on outsourcing. The ad features Roy Richards, Jr. Chairman of Southwire, a Georgia based cable manufacturing company. In the ad he says, “When I hear David Perdue say he’s proud to have outsourced jobs to other parts of the world, I have to wonder.”

I listened to the interviews with David on which the ad was based and found that something was missing. What is missing is the phrase “to other parts of the world.” Outsourcing is not just sending jobs to other parts of the world.

When you see someone with a lawn service cutting someone’s grass, that homeowner or business is outsourcing its services to an entrepreneur who is filling a demand. That is outsourcing.

If one took a close look at the clothes that Michelle Nunn wears, you would likely find that her wardrobe came from countries with substandard working conditions and wages. That is outsourcing.

Aside from twisting David’s statements to mean something that he never said or meant, the commercial represents another example of Democrat hypocrisy. Southwire itself is laying off workers in Georgia and its other US plants while expanding plants in Mexico, Dubai, and China.

The photo of the vacant buildings and parking lot at the former Watkinsville, GA Southwire location below is from Google street view 2014. While doing research for this article, I found a resume posted on line from a former manager of Southwire in Watkinsville who lost his job when the plant closed. Hopefully, he has found another job by now.

Photo of Vacant Parking Lot and Closed Factory
Not only did Southwire outsource jobs, it moved it’s corporation from Georgia to Delaware. So the multi-generational Georgia company decided that it would rather be identified with Delaware than Georgia. The reason? Tax benefits.

Aside from the hypocrisy of the advertisement, there is an issue that is larger than a political campaign. The real question here is not about sending jobs overseas. The real issue is the root cause that forces business to send jobs overseas.

The root cause is government policy that drives businesses to face the choice of moving some of its operations to foreign countries or go out of business. A change in corporate tax policy would make it more desirable for business to reinvest in the United States which would create more jobs and energize our economy.

David Perdue understands this. He knows that getting government out of the way and allowing Americans to pursue the American dream is the only answer to getting the economy going and dealing with the crisis of debt that will eventually collapse on us.

Barack Obama and Harry Reid aggressively pursue job killing policies. They grow government and tighten the stranglehold on business. Michelle Nunn would be right there with them keeping us in the death spiral of crushing debt.

Georgians have a choice that is as clear and defined as it could ever be. Michelle Nunn’s first vote as a US Senator would be for Harry Reid as her party leader. Barack Obama recently called an Atlanta radio station with this call to get out the vote for Michelle Nunn:

If Michelle Nunn wins, that means that Democrats keep control of the Senate, and that means that we can keep on doin some good work. (National Review On-line)

Voting in this election is a must. No one else can do this for you. You must vote. This is not one of those things where anyone can abstain from voting and say “whatever the majority wants is fine with me.” What Barack Obama and Harry Reid want is massive government control and taking your rights. That is not fine.

I am encouraging everyone to go ahead and vote early. Why vote early? There are several good reasons to vote early. The most important reason is that there is no question that this is a critical election and your vote is needed.

You never know what might come up that could keep you away from voting on election day. There are any number of things that could come up from car trouble to having to be out of town on an unplanned trip at the last minute to simply getting so busy on election day that it slips your mind.

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