Sanford Bishop – Deserting the Fight for 2nd Amendment

In the first week of January, President Obama again by-passed our elected legislators when he unilaterally issued orders threatening our 2nd amendment rights to own and bear firearms.  Our two US Senators responded immediately with statements vowing to fight the order.  Congressmen in all but one district across South Georgia also responded with strong statements against the unconstitutional order.

A chirping cricket is louder than the protests from our congressman in the 2nd District. It has been a month and there is silence from the 2nd Congressional District.

Second District Congressman Sanford Bishop, claims that he stands for the 2nd Amendment. Bishop promises to use his position in Congress to defend the 2nd amendment right to own and bear firearms.  He proudly shows off his high rating from the NRA.  He says that he fights for the 2nd Amendment.

Defending and fighting for something requires showing up when there is a threat.   Obama did not just write some editorial. He abused his authority and issued an Executive order against our Constitutional rights.

Obama picked a fight. Sanford Bishop deserted the fight.  Sanford Bishop issues statements and casts his votes when he gets permission from Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.  Bishop can shine and tout his NRA ratings all he wants.  The truth is that when it comes to the 2nd Amendment, he is not a protector. He is a puppet.

Signature of Donald Cole

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