Sixth District – Why Vote Early

Early voting opened today in the 6th Congressional District runoff. I live in the 2nd District and will not be able to cast a vote in this election. For those who do live in the 6th, I encourage you to vote early.

There are many, myself included, who believe that voting should be on election day except for absentees. Election day only voting would reduce the opportunity for fraudulent voting.

As much as I believe that, the fact is that early voting is a reality. Disagreeing with early voting and waiting until election day will not change early voting.

Republicans have always done well on election day voting. Democrats historically have a slight advantage in early voting. Republicans need dominate both. Here is why I encourage you to vote early.

First, no one is promised tomorrow. If you wait until election day, you do not know what may come up that could prevent you from voting. Car trouble, sickness, family or business emergency, or just a busy day that slips by you. If you wait, you are taking an unnecessary risk.

Second, this election is vitally important. We already know that it is the most expensive congressional campaign ever. Democrats are pouring money in from every liberal outpost in the nation. John Ossoff would represent them, not the people of the 6th District.

If this is an important election, and it is, then your vote is especially important. There is no reason to put off such an important decision. So, go ahead and vote.

Third, there is only one decision on the ballot. John Ossoff or Karen Handel. This is not a tough decision. At this point, there are few if any undecided voters. The lines are clear.

Finally, it helps Karen and her team when you vote early. They are hard at work, contacting and encouraging supporters to go vote. The more early votes that are cast for Karen, the easier it is on election day to make contact with all the others.

Elections are not as much about convincing voters to vote for your candidate as it is identifying supporters and convincing them to go vote. It is all about turnout.

So, if you are in the 6th Congressional District of Georgia, I encourage you to go vote as soon as you can. You can request an absentee ballot and vote from home or go vote in person at one of the early voting locations. Information is here at the Secretary of State site. 

Be assured that the Ossoff team is pushing the early vote. Do not put it off. Go vote for Karen Handel.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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