Slapping Martin Luther King’s Dream in the Face

Joy Reid of MSNBC sent the tweet below about the shooting last Wednesday at the practice for the Congressional Republican baseball team.  She decided to play the race card and the gender card along with private and personal details about one of the agents.

In the famous speech of Martin Luther King, he preached that he had a dream about a future in America. The memorable line from that speech was plain and clear.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Immediately following the shooting at the ball field, law makers, particularly the Republicans who were at the field, praised Special agents Crystal Griner and David Bailey, the two Capitol police agents who engaged the shooter. They praised them for their heroic action. They praised them for their professionalism.  They praised them for preventing a massacre.

They never mentioned the race and gender of the agents. It did not matter. The lawmakers heaping praise on the two agents saw them as two heroic public servants. They did not see them as black agents.  They did not see them as a male agent and a female agent.

They certainly had no reason to know or care about the personal romantic lives of either of the agents. Frankly, it is no one’s business and there is no reason for anyone to care to know.

Martin Luther King’s dream was a reality at a practice field on Wednesday morning. The two agents in the security detail were as much a part of the gathering as anyone else there. No one gave a second thought to their race or gender.

When bullets started flying, two dedicated special agents launched into action without thought for their own safety.  Their focus was on protecting the innocent lives of those on that ball field. They had a calling and a duty to serve and protect.

Before, during, and after the shooting, these two agents were not judged on the color of their skin but on the content of their character.  The content of their character, duty, calling, and professionalism was put on center stage when the situation called for them to put their lives on the line.

When these two agents put their lives on the line, they were not thinking of the race or gender or romantic relationships of those they were protecting.  They were protecting innocent citizens who were in danger.

Republicans praised the character and sense of duty displayed by two heroic agents for saving lives. Joy Reid, decided to judge the actions of these two by the color of their skin.

Joy Reid, along with self-righteous left wing media personalities, slapped Martin Luther King’s dream in the face.  She needs to read that historic speech and repent of her racism.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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