Memorial Day

Headstones with American Flag

A small piece of land in Southwest Georgia marks the final resting place of about 20,000 men and women who served our nation. Nearly 13,000 of those died on those grounds in the 1860’s during the civil war. Last weekend, members of Scout troops and other organizations placed a small American flag by each tombstone at the Andersonville National Cemetery.

What we now know as Memorial Day was first commemorated after the civil war and was originally called Decoration Day. At the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia on, May 30, 1868, then Congressman and future President James Garfield, addressed a crowd of 5,000 gathered. His opening words at that address sum up what Memorial Day means.

“I am oppressed with a sense of the impropriety of uttering words on this occasion. If silence is ever golden, it must be here beside the graves of fifteen thousand men, whose lives were more significant than speech.” Continue reading

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