The American People Were Not Swayed by any Russian

The professional pundits were stunned on election night as the returns came rolling in. As time marched on, they faced the inevitable conclusion that Americans elected Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States.

Now there is weeping and wailing over CIA reports that Russia involved itself in the Presidential elections. This is not news neither is it surprising. Russia and other governments watching elections will do what they can to promote their own best interests.

In the case of the Russians, Hillary Clinton, gave them plenty of ammunition with her off the books e-mail servers, rigged Democratic primary process, and pay for play Clinton foundation.

Putin also had a personal axe to grind with Clinton as well. Putin claimed that as Secretary of State, Clinton encouraged protests in Moscow in 2011.

The United States government has openly advocated and promoted regime change in various countries around the world. In some cases the leaders of those countries have not just lost an election, they lost their lives.

The hue and cry and wringing of hands over this is rather hypocritical. As with any espionage, we should investigate and endeavor to secure our information against intrusion, vulnerabilities, and cyber attacks by foreign intelligence agencies.

Vladimir Putin probably did order his intelligence operatives to do what they could to create chaos and confusion where ever possible. It is quite possible there was also foreign involvement in the Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter protests. The level of organization and reports of paid protesters in the protests following Trump’s win gives strong indication that these were not merely spontaneous protests.

It is fallacy to claim that somehow the Russians swayed the election. Putin probably did spend money and effort to create confusion where he could.

The American people did not show up at the polls in record numbers because they were influenced by Russian propaganda. They showed up because they were sick and tired of the Washington political class inside the bubble of the beltway.

If Putin really did spend money to sway the American people then he wasted his money. The Washington political class had already taken care of that. They just did not see it coming.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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