The Character Assassination of Jeff Sessions

Last November millions of average Americans stormed the polling places around the nation in an historic demonstration of electoral shock and awe. Hillary Clinton and Democrats, buoyed by a supportive mainstream media and erroneous pollsters, presumed an easy victory followed by weeks of celebration.

Their hopes were shattered. Even the old phrase “agony of defeat” could not describe the depths of despair and unhinged anger put on display by the left, including the mainstream media.Hillary and the Democrats were desperate to cling to anything that would help deflect the devastating losses. The left locked on to a Russian conspiracy to explain how Donald Trump could have possibly won the election.

The Russians somehow convinced Hillary voters to change their minds and vote for Trump or stay at home. The Russians also surreptitiously infiltrated the minds of millions of Americans to brainwash them into voting for Donald Trump.

I originally thought that the Russian conspiracy talk was a temporary reaction to the loss of an election. Normally, it would be temporary. In this case; however, it goes on and on because the left has nothing else.

After President Trump’s powerful and positive message to a joint session of Congress, the left’s tailspin accelerated. President Trump was supposed to self-destruct. He was supposed to insult everyone and lose his support. Instead, his message was positive, powerful, and unifying. Even liberal pundits could find little grounds for criticism.

The following day the Washington Post ran a story stating that Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not disclose meetings he had with the Russian Ambassador during the election. During the hearings, Senator Sessions was asked about discussing the campaign with the Russians and he answered truthfully that he had not.

As a US Senator, Sessions had met with the Russian Ambassador in the Senate office as he had met with many other Ambassadors. The campaign was not discussed. Senator Sessions also attended a Heritage Foundation reception where Ambassadors from other countries, including Russia, were present and he spoke to him but not about the campaign.

The left and the mainstream media portray any contact with anyone associated with Russia by anyone associated with President Trump as if it is evidence of criminal espionage. McCarthyism has been brought back to life.

Attorney General Sessions yesterday announced that he was recusing himself from the current investigation by the FBI into questions of Russian involvement in the campaign. He wished to avoid any appearance of a conflict. His decision was not one made under pressure but one that he had been studying and was already planning to make and announce his decision yesterday.

The left is now making claims that Sessions committed perjury. There are cries for his resignation. Any reasonable person viewing the confirmation hearings could see that Senator Sessions answered the questions clearly and honestly. There is no evidence of any intent to mislead or commit perjury.

What troubles me most about this episode is that Jeff Sessions is a man of character and integrity. He has a reputation of fairness, openness, gentleness, and honesty. Democrats and the left wing media are putting their hatred for the election results on full display. Americans see it and see through it.

Now that Attorney General Sessions has recused himself, we can expect that there will be a report of his “interference” in the investigation. The smoking gun will be when someone hacks his Netflix account and sees that he recently viewed Dr. Zhivago.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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