The Day After Election – My Predictions

Election day is finally here. Tomorrow your in-box should see a significant drop in e-mails frantically asking for money and revealing multiple wrongdoings by Hillary along with various and sundry conspiracy theories.

If you have not already voted, then go get in line and stay there until you vote. I was the first in-person early voter to cast my vote in Crisp County.

I proudly voted for every Republican on the ballot from President to Probate Court. On the Constitutional Amendments I voted NO to # 1 and YES to # 2, 3, & 4. You can read my analysis and reasoning here on the Constitutional Amendments.

I believe that tonight we will see Donald Trump as the President-elect. Donald Trump will receive a significantly higher percentage of the African-American and Hispanic vote than expected. The Senate and House will stay in Republican control.

Georgia Republicans in statewide races will win. Republicans in the State Legislature will be re-elected. In Crisp County, Georgia, Republicans will win every county-wide office.

In the 2nd Congressional District, I hope to see such a significant uprising of voters who are sick and tired of the status quo that Greg Duke will be my new Congressman. I know that he got my vote and support.

Then I have an easy prediction. God will remain sovereign over all. As an evangelical Christian, I believe that we have a responsibility before God to engage in the political process.

As Christians we have a responsibility to boldly and confidently influence the public policy of our nation, state, and community. If we do not influence policy based on Scriptural values that we believe, then we renounce the stewardship of self-governance under God. We leave a void. Those who do not share our values will fill that void.

As I write this commentary, I know someone lying on his death bed. Over the weekend I attended a funeral. News reports told us that former US Attorney General Janet Reno died.

In the past month you probably have read an obituary or attended the funeral of someone you know. For each one of these, the winner of the election is not on the radar screen.

While it is imperative that we engage in the political process, it is also imperative that we keep a proper perspective on life. We are to engage, persuade, and influence for public policy that reflects our values; however, that is not the focus of our lives. While Christians are to be patriots, Christians are never to raise Old Glory higher than the Old Rugged Cross.

It does matter a great deal to me who is elected as our next President. Whether my predictions are right or wrong, God will remain sovereign over all.

There is a bottom line in life. That bottom line is that one day your heart will beat its last beat and you will take your last breath. At that moment, who won the last election or the last World Series or the last Super Bowl or the last Kentucky Derby, will mean nothing to you.

Our time on this earth is brief. Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:7 ESV) When you take your last breath and your heart beats its last beat, that is the only thing that will matter.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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