The Nunn-Democrat Strategy and What It Says About You

You have likely heard some talk about the Nunn campaign plan that became public earlier in the campaign season. The plan revealed that the organization of the Nunn campaign is driven by an extreme liberal philosophy that reflects Harry Reid and Barack Obama.

For example, the Constituency Outreach chapter of plan named volunteers who had been lined up to focus on building the various constituencies.

African American Constituency – 7 leaders
Latino Constituency – 8 leaders
Asian Constituency – 7 leaders
Jewish Constituency – 3 leaders
Veterans Constituency – 3 leaders
Senior Constituency – To Be Decided
Teacher Constituency – To Be Decided
Farmer Constituency – To Be Decided
Labor Constituency – To Be Decided
Religious Leaders Constituency – To Be Decided
Gun Owners Constituency – To Be Decided
Small Business Owners Constituency – To Be Decided

And then there was one group that had no lacking in leadership for the strategic plan:

LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) – 19 leaders

Think about this for a moment. What does it say about a strategic team putting together a plan for a Georgia election that could not identify a single individual to spearhead the campaign for Seniors, Teachers, Farmers, Religious Leaders, Gun Owners, or Small Business Owners? I was surprised to see that they did not even identify someone from the Labor Constituency.

Yet, the campaign leadership identified 19 leaders from the LGBT constituency. That is nearly 3 times the number of leaders from the African American constituency. Does this represent Georgia? I am not sure that it represents the Democrat Party in Georgia.

You may wonder how someone so clearly out of touch could possibly win a statewide election in Georgia. It is possible. It all comes down to voter turnout. The fact is that Democrats have key constituencies that they will organize to go vote.

Below is a snapshot taken from the plan showing what they expect to do. Pay particular attention to the block in the lower left corner: “Discourage Republican surge in Senate race to hold total to 2.7 million cast.”


The plan later repeats the strategy saying, “we aim to persuade another 100 thousand white voters,reaching 30 percent white support, which our polling shows is feasible, while discouraging the kind of Republican surge we saw in 2010.”

So, what do you do? First, understand that Harry Reid gets another vote in the Senate by “discouraging” you from voting. That alone should motivate you to go vote. Everything that you will see from the Democrats is focused on discouraging you and keeping you from voting. Second, with that understanding of what is going on in this campaign, you commit to vote and get others to vote. Finally, you vote.

The only thing that counts is your vote that is cast. Plan to vote as early as you can. if you or someone you know might have a hard time getting to the polls, then get an absentee ballot by clicking on this link:

Secretary of State Absentee Ballot Request

Print and mail or fax to your Elections Office: Click on this Link to find the address for your office:

Your Local Election Office.

Early Voting begins just two weeks from now. I urge you to go ahead and vote early. I know that many like the tradition of election day. This election is too important to take the chance of something keeping you away from the polls.

The Democrats want to discourage you from voting. That is the only way that they win. Vote as if your vote decides the issue because the truth is that it does.

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