The Voters Have Brokered This Convention

Ted Cruz suspended his campaign for President after losing Indiana. He was consistent to the end. In announcing the suspension of his campaign, he had said at the beginning that he was in this race as long as he could see a path to victory. In speaking to a group of his supporters, Cruz said that the voters of Indiana closed that path.

While suspending his campaign, he made it clear that his fight for liberty will continue. I interpret that to mean that he will be working to support the Republican nominee, who is presumptively Donald Trump. Ted Cruz took an honorable, honest, and courageous step by suspending his campaign. To continue on after a decisive loss in Indiana would be counter-productive.

Donald Trump congratulated Ted Cruz as a tough competitor. Most of Trump’s speech was about his theme of making America great again. He made a specific point to talk to miners in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio saying that Hillary Clinton promised to close the mines.

In 1992, Bill Clinton defeated George Bush with the slogan, “It’s the economy stupid.” Donald Trump is doing the same. He will talk about jobs, trade, and American greatness.

Trump also mentioned negative advertising. He talked about it because it is a process of inoculating voters to the negative advertising which will be unleashed on him. He praised the voters of Indiana for being too smart to fall for the negativity. He will use the same strategy as we move toward November.

On March 14, I published an article titled, “The Voters Will be the Brokers for This Convention.” Donald Trump presented himself to the voters as an outsider. He solidified his support through the primaries. It has become very clear that the voters took charge in this primary process. They were tired of being called upon to support candidates who were thrust on them by power brokers in the Republican party.

This time the voters sent a clear message. Actually that message was clear over two months ago. After Super Tuesday there were only two viable candidates – Donald Trump, the outsider and Ted Cruz, the renegade. Neither one was the preferred candidate for the establishment.

Donald Trump is now the presumptive nominee of the Republican party. Ted Cruz acknowledged that reality and suspended his campaign. I expect that after some time to decompress, we will see Ted Cruz campaigning for Donald Trump. I believe that we will also see Donald Trump seeking the advice of Ted Cruz. By the time we reach the Convention, we will be working together to turn the nation around in November.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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