The Voters Will Be the Brokers for this Convention

The political elites have been floating rumors and strategies of a brokered convention.  I believe that the only brokers for this upcoming Republican Convention will be the voters in the primaries.  All eyes will be on Ohio and Florida tomorrow. If Donald Trump wins those two states, he is practically assured the nomination.

This has been a long and arduous journey in the Republican Presidential primary. Prior to Super Tuesday, everything was up for grabs. After Super Tuesday, Trump had a solid lead with Cruz the closest. Ben Carson has dropped out and said that he was supporting Trump.

Primary voters in states that have not yet held a primary are ready to close the deal. The political power brokers are now looking at their two least desirable choices (that’s putting it mildly) of Trump or Cruz. Those who supported Carson will either follow Carson’s endorsement and vote for Trump, go with Cruz, or just stay home. Those who support Rubio will either support Cruz, possibly go with Kasich, or just stay home. Kasich voters really have nowhere to go.

I have a feeling that tomorrow many voters will go to the polls having planned to vote for another candidate and decide to vote for Trump just to get it over with. The NeverTrump crowd may choose to not show at all which will just give more voting strength to Trump.

The NeverTrump movement is offensive. Early on there was such furor over Trump signing a loyalty oath. He signed it. He has campaigned to win the nomination and the voters are choosing him.

The leaders who signed on the NeverTrump strategy must think that they will have significant numbers following them in pledging to never vote for Donald Trump if he wins the nomination. I don’t know how many will choose not to vote for Donald Trump.

We do know that millions stayed home from the last Presidential election. Most would likely have voted for a Republican. They did not send out NeverRomney e-mails. They did not make threats. They just stayed home.

I for one, am more concerned about getting those millions to the polls. From all indications, Donald Trump is getting those voters to show up. The NeverTrump crowd needs to get over it. For once, it looks like the voters are telling the political elite to take a hike. The voters will be the only brokers for this convention.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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