Tired of Robo Calls and Flyers in Your Mailbox?

Do you enjoy robo calls and getting campaign flyers in your mailbox that are large enough to make a shipping box for a refrigerator? I didn’t think so. I have some great news for you but you must act soon.

Political campaigns are using technology to the fullest extent possible. Campaigns pay for each of those robo calls and each piece of mail that you get. Campaigns want to make their precious resources go as far as possible. They rely on data that is readily available.

Each day the Secretary of State updates a list of voters who have voted early, asked for absentee ballots, and returned absentee ballots. This list is easily available to the public. If someone has already voted, a robo call or campaign flyer is basically wasted money for a campaign.

The campaigns address that by downloading that list of early and absentee voters and matching them up against their list of voters to call or send mail. Every phone number removed from the calling or mailing list represents money saved by the campaign.

As of Tuesday, October 14, there have been over 151,000 requests for absentee ballots or early votes cast in Georgia. That represents thousands of dollars in campaign budgets that will be saved or be invested in making more calls and sending more mail to those who have not voted.

You can reduce the probability of getting robo calls and getting a mailbox full of flyers by simply voting early. Let me give my disclaimer. I have no control over campaigns and make no guarantees that you will not get another robo call by voting early.

Reason together with me on this. You, like most of those who read my columns, know how you will vote. You, like most of those who read my columns, fully intend to vote. You see voting as a precious freedom and personal responsibility. You, like most of those who read my column would agree that Obama, Reid, and Pelosi have done serious damage to our nation and we are in a downward spiral.

You also know that none of us know what tomorrow might hold. There are numerous unexpected events and circumstances that could keep you from going to the polls on that one day that you planned. Would you not agree that given these facts, you should exercise your responsibility and vote as soon as you possibly can?

But wait, there’s more. You could end the robo calls and campaign flyers in the mail.

Let me close with a call to action. We can get our nation back on track. You must vote. Early voting is now underway. Don’t put it off. Go vote. Call your friends and urge them to vote now as well.

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