Two Endorsements for Republican Primary

This is the last week of early voting in the 2016 Primary election. It looks like early voting is up across the 2nd District. We’ll know more at the end of the week.

I am going to make two specific endorsements in campaigns from Southwest Georgia.

I voted for Greg Duke for Congress to be the Republican nominee against Sanford Bishop in November. Greg was the Republican nominee in 2014. He received 41% of the vote while spending only about $20,000. 2014 could be viewed as a baseline that shows that people are ready for a change.

He took lessons learned from the 2014 race and is taking it on again with a broader, deeper, stronger organization. Greg is a solid conservative who feels a calling to run. I heard him talk about hearing his pastor preach about involvement in society and making a difference. He said that he could not get away from a strong, compelling, sense of call to get engaged in the political process.

We can elect someone other than Sanford Bishop to represent Southwest Georgia. You will see Greg Duke signs around South Georgia. Also be on the lookout for some of his new signs that are starting to show up that say “Farmers for Greg Duke.” Sanford Bishop is losing his constituency. There is a readiness and openness for change. Greg Duke is my choice to represent the Republican Party in making that change.

My second endorsement is a local Crisp County race for Tax Commissioner. The agency that collects taxes is not the place to which customer’s flock with great joy. So when I hear a consistent stream of positive comments about someone in that office, it stands out.

Deborah Lofton has worked in the Tax Commissioner’s Office for nearly a decade and half. She knows the job. She knows the customers.

Cricket Adkins, the current Tax Commissioner, decided to retire this year. When she announced that she was not running, Deborah Lofton offered herself as a candidate for that position and she qualified to run as a Republican. I asked people around the community about Deborah and here are just a few of the comments that I heard:

* “She has always been so helpful.”
* “If I have a problem, I ask for Deborah.”
* “She is competent and knows what she is doing.”
* “She is the friendliest person.”
* “Her family has a great reputation.”

I could write many more, but that gives the idea. For my readers who are registered to vote in Crisp County, I have a sign for Deborah Lofton in my yard and I ask for you to vote for and support Deborah Lofton as Tax Commissioner.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

I appreciate you taking the time to read my thoughts. Please forward these to your friends and share on Facebook. Also, let me hear from you. I always enjoy hearing back from you and I try to respond when you take the time to write me.

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