Voting Time Again – My Endorsements – Congress and a Local Race

Early voting for the primary run-off elections starts today. In a local Crisp County run-off I am voting for and supporting Amber Holloway for Judge of Probate Court.

In the 3rd Congressional District, I endorse Mike Crane for Congress. I don’t live in the 3rd so I can not vote for him. I encourage those who can to vote for him.

Ted Cruz, Senator Josh McKoon, and many conservative organizations including Georgia Carry, the NRA, Club for Growth, Senate Conservative Fund, Freedom Works, and Tea Party Express have endorsed Mike Crane.

I met Mike at fund-raising event for the Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center and was very impressed. If I lived in the 3rd District, Mike Crane would have my vote and support.

In Crisp County I am supporting Amber Holloway for Judge of Probate Court. Amber posted a comment on her Facebook Page on May 25, the day after the primary. I was especially impressed with her comment about Teena Finch, a fellow candidate who currently serves as Clerk of Probate Court.

I would also like to thank Teena Finch for always being professional & running her campaign with integrity. This quality is to be admired by all. I would be honored to have the privilege in calling Teena a colleague.

Amber has worked to earn support from across the county. She is a positive leader and I am proud to ask my friends in Crisp County to vote for Amber.

Run-off elections traditionally have embarrassingly low voter participation. Election day is in the middle of the summer vacation time. A run-off does not get the news coverage or advertising that a primary or general election gets.

Early voting starts today. I encourage you to go ahead and vote now if you have a run-off election. Voting is not only a precious right, but a personal responsibility. There are too many things that can come up and not a one of us is promised tomorrow.

If you voted in the Republican primary or did not vote on May 24 you can vote in the Republican run-off. If you voted in the Democrat primary on May 24, you cannot vote in the Republican run-off. If you have questions about your eligibility to vote in a run-off, call your county election office.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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