What You Can Expect in Perry Debates

The big debates are tonight at the Georgia National Fairgrounds. Candidates for Senate start at 7:00. Candidates for Governor start after the Senate debates.

The Democrat strategy in the debates is predictable. They will play class warfare. Michelle Nunn will attempt to paint David Perdue as a greed-driven Simon Legree delighting in throwing people out of work.

There is an important reason for this strategy. The strategic plan laid out by the Democrats spells it out and it can be seen in the commercials run by the Nunn campaign. The strategic plan for Nunn is to: “Persuade 100K likely of year white voters to grow to 570K white support or 30 percent white support with added young whites.” (Strategic Memo to Michelle Nunn from Feldman Group – December 9, 2013)

The Nunn campaign commercials present white middle age to senior citizens with their stories of being wronged in some way. David Perdue is presented as the villan. The purpose of the commercial is to stir feelings of anger and resentment leading to a vote against the wealthy CEO who callously hurt all these poor people.

It is hypocritical because Michelle Nunn, as CEO of a non-profit foundation, saw her salary skyrocket while at the same time laying off hundreds of low wage earners. The simple truth is that both CEO’s had to deal with the economic realities of the organizations they ran.

The theme of class envy is a deceptive lie that mouths words of standing up for the little guy while, at the same time, holding the little guy down. The truth is that class envy uses and abuses the little guy for the purposes of ones who want to keep the little guy in his place as the little guy.

The best way to do that is to turn attention away from a focus on personal achievement and turn it toward someone to blame. This is the Democrat playbook. They have instilled a mindset of victimization and promise relief by making others pay the cost.

What is really important is that we as a society grasp the truth, encourage, and celebrate the freedom to achieve, accumulate, and prosper. This is the American Dream. This is why parents want their children to do well in school. This is why every day thousands of individuals in America step out to start a new business.

Class envy and class warfare hurts everyone. I heard a story once of a young boy who saw a man walking in shallow water on the beach, catching crabs and putting them in a bucket. The little boy noticed that there was no lid on the bucket. He asked the man, “Won’t they crawl out and get away?” The man replied, “No, you see when one gets close to the top, the others pull him back down.”

Our nation has slowly and steadily been losing its way, especially in the past 6 years. Big government advocates find an area of discontent and then focus the blame on someone – most often the “wealthy.” Then big government advocates say that the government is the only hope and the only solution. Then big government portrays the group they want to “help” as victims who cannot achieve without the help of government. The end result is dependency and a dampening of the drive to achieve.

Tonight in the debates, you will hear Michelle Nunn focus her attention on blaming David Perdue. You will hear Jason Carter focus his attention on blaming Nathan Deal. In trying to drag these two men down, the Democrats, in reality, drag everyone down.

You will hear David Perdue and Nathan Deal focus their attention on building up and believing in the people. Their focus will be on freedom, achievement, creating jobs, and getting the government off our backs so that we can pursue the American dream.

Let me close with a call to action. We can get our nation back on track. You must vote. Early voting starts one week from today. Will you commit to vote early? If you will commit to vote early or by absentee, will you just reply to this e-mail and let me know?

I’m not asking for money. (Plenty of others are doing that already). I am asking for a simple commitment. “Yes, I will vote early.”

Do you know someone who needs an absentee ballot? Help them get it by clicking on the link below:

Secretary of State Absentee Ballot Request

Print and mail or fax to your Elections Office: Click on this Link to find the address for your office:

Your Local Election Office.

I know that some like the tradition of voting on election day. This election is too important to take the chance of something keeping you away from the polls. Let me hear from you. “Yes, Don, I will vote early.”

I appreciate you taking the time to read my thoughts. I always enjoy hearing back from you.

Donald E. Cole

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