Why Is Sarah Palin Getting Trashed?

Why is it that when someone decides to endorse one candidate, the supporters of other candidates feel the need to ridicule the endorser? Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump and suddenly our own side rips her to shreds. Her motives are questioned, she is painted as a total failure at everything she has ever done, and even her family members are maligned.

There is one; however, who did not take that approach and I am proud of him for staying on the high road. Ted Cruz responded to Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump with these words:

“I love Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is fantastic. Without her friendship and support I wouldn’t be in the Senate today. Regardless of what Sarah decides to do in 2016, I will always remain a big big fan of Sarah Palin.”

The simple fact is that you can only vote for one person. Each candidate brings various strengths to the campaign. Caucus goers and primary voters weigh those strengths and decide on one and only one. I have already said that I’m deciding between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump with Ben Carson a very close third.

Supporters are passionate for their candidate. Sarah Palin praised Donald Trump and explained why she decided for him. One may agree or disagree with her stated reasons, but isn’t it somewhat haughty to presume a level of clairvoyance to claim that there are sinister motives?

Men and women for whom I have the highest respect favor opposing candidates. Stop and think for a moment what it would do to our relationships if I cast aspersions on their “true” motive for supporting their candidate.

Have you considered the possibility that Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump may actually help Ted Cruz? How will the supporters of Ted Cruz react? They are going to work harder to bring their supporters to the caucus meetings.

Donald Trump is proclaiming a simple message to make America great again. He is passionate about his message and vast numbers of voters believe him.

There are actions in his past that are valid reasons to raise questions. There is inconsistency with Trump and it is fair game to point out these inconsistencies. He has addressed these questions. Many accept his explanations and others do not.

Those who accept Trump’s answers and continue to back him are patriotic Americans. They are not just hordes of ignorant and angry men and women. If Donald Trump is the nominee, he will not mean the end of the Republican Party. He can win the Presidency.

Ted Cruz is solid and consistent. I am impressed that he came under fire in Iowa for opposing ethanol subsidies. There are very few politicians who will stand their position boldly based on a foundational philosophy. Ted Cruz not only has the right foundation, he also has a ground game. He can win the Presidency.

Much has been made over the fact that Donald Trump has his personal billions and therefore cannot be bought by the lobbyists in Washington. That is a good argument in favor of Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz may not have personal billions, but he has something that is stronger than mere money. He has proven that he has core convictions on which he will not waver. That is a powerful argument in favor of Ted Cruz.

There is plenty on which to weigh the candidates and come to an individual decision. We do not need to resort to ridiculing their supporters.

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