Foreign Relations and David Perdue

Roll Call has taken notice of David Perdue in his role on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The last sentence of the article said that Perdue’s interest is in “restoring the former role of the Foreign Relations Committee in big national debates.”

Senator Perdue has already started testing his strength by putting pressure on the State Department in their planned action to waste money by building a new training facility in Virginia rather than a more cost effective approach of expanding on existing infrastructure at the training center in Brunswick, Georgia.  He has engaged a bi-partisan delegation to demand an independent cost study.

Initial estimates showed that the facility could be established in Brunswick at a fraction of the cost of building a new facility.  State Department later changed the estimates for a new facility.  These kinds of unsubstantiated swings in cost estimates raised a red flag to the former Fortune 500 CEO who is accustomed to making spending decisions based on real money in the real world.

Perdue is going to be a key leader in the review of the Iran deal that Obama just made with Iran and pushed through the United Nations. Like everyone else, he is just now getting a chance to look at the deal.  While he is willing to be open-minded, he remains “very, very skeptical at this point.” (quoted from Roll Call article)

Most people I know are angered and outraged at President Obama.  Congress passed a law demanding a review by Congress.  The truth is that Obama could have and, from all indications, would have made the deal with or without the law passed by Congress.

The President has a great deal of power to make agreements with foreign nations.  Unless formalized as a treaty, these agreements are not binding on the next administration.  The Iran deal is not a treaty.  That is why the law passed by Congress is significant in that it reveals just how much Americans do not trust the Obama administration.

When the Senate Foreign Relations Committee studies the facts (not just rhetoric) on the agreement that Obama has pushed, they will take action.  I believe that this will be true bi-partisan action.  If the deal is as bad as we all think it is, Congress will reject it.

I expect Obama to veto the rejection. At that point, Democrats in the Senate will have to choose between their party leadership and their country. David Perdue will be diligently leading to persuade his colleagues in the Senate on the Democrat side to choose country over party.

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