Republicans – Take a Lesson from Democrats

I was once asked what got me involved in Republican politics.  My answer is easy: Bill Clinton and the Democrat party.

When the Monica Lewinski affair came out Bill Clinton angrily shook his finger at the television camera and the American people denying any impropriety.  While I did not believe a word he was saying, I counted it as just politics.

Then he testified to the Grand Jury and again blatantly lied.  Not only did he lie, but it was evident that the Clintons made threats and went after those who told the truth.  At that point it was no longer just politics.

Democrats circled the wagons and stood with Clinton. In the face of blatant perjury they protected Clinton. That is when I felt compelled to become involved in the Republican party and engage in the political process.

Republicans need to take a lesson from Democrats.  I certainly do not mean that they should defend the indefensible in the face of clear evidence. They should, however, discern the difference between unfounded accusation and innuendo and clear evidence.

I have been sickened and angry at Republicans such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham. They are quick to run, like neighborhood children to the sound of the ice cream truck, to gobble up any accusation against a Republican.

I am tired of hearing the phrase, “We have to get to the bottom of this.” Do Republicans not realize that they will never get to the bottom of any of these accusations? As soon as one accusation is settled, the Democrats and the media will create another.

The events of the past weeks reveal Democrats and the mainstream media to be in a state of hysteria and melt down. It is evident that they are doing everything they can to derail President Trump in his determination to make America great again.

This is not just partisan politics. This is not just media bias. This is a war between the elites who think that they know better than the American people who elected Donald Trump as President. They are not assaulting President Trump, they are assaulting us.

Republicans who encourage the Democrats and mainstream media by giving validity to their unfounded accusations are not being fair minded statesmen. They are complicit in an unprecedented assault on the American people and our very form of government.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the so called Russian investigation. Now they have appointed former FBI Director, Robert Mueller to be special counsel. President Trump is giving serious consideration to naming former Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman as the new FBI Director.

These actions are still not enough for Democrats. Republicans can put a stop to this madness.  They need to draw the line and retreat no more.

Republicans have allowed Democrats and the mainstream media to act like spoiled children.  Every demand leads to more demands.  It is past time to get it in your heads that a spoiled child will not change by giving in to demands.

It is far past time to circle the wagons and stand up for our country.  Stop fixating on what President Trump tweets and fixate on Americans like me for a change.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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