An Appeal to Georgians Who Vote Democrat

I know Georgians who vote Democrat.  Some come from a Labor Union background. Many are African-American. Some are elderly Caucasians who loved Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The common denominator is that they are fed the line that Republicans are greedy, uncaring, and out of touch with the common people. That is a false caricature.  The truth is that the Democrat party is not the party of the common man. It took a sharp detour from that path long ago. 

Step back and take a look at where the Democrats are today. CBS news conducted a poll recently.  Here is one of the questions.

Q10.  Generally speaking, do you think the Islamic religion encourages violence more than other religions around the world, less than other religions around the world, or about the same as other religions around the world?

The responses are shocking.  66 percent, two out of three Democrats, do not believe that Islam encourages violence more than other religions.  63 percent of Republicans believe that Islam encourages more violence.

When there is a terror incident in the world, it is almost certain to be a radical Muslim. This is not Islamaphobia.  It is the truth that anyone can see.

African-Americans generally hold strong opposition to abortion and gay marriage. Democrats not only support but actively crusade for both.

Look at that survey again. Two out of three Democrats feel that there is no difference between Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and others in encouraging violence. That does not reflect the values of Georgians from all races, religions, and backgrounds.

Elected Democrats in Georgia will be forced by leaders of their party to promote these values that are in total opposition to Georgia values. The truth is that they do not want you taking an honest look at what their party will promote. They just want your vote.

Democrats have detoured so far away from Georgia values that there is no coming back. If you generally vote for Democrats, I appeal to you to take a long hard look at what Democrat leaders really support.  Make them stop taking your vote for granted.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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