The State of the Union

I look forward to hearing President Trump’s State of the Union Message tomorrow evening. We will hear him focus on how we have advanced as a nation in the past year.

The last President was going around the world apologizing to other nations for America. Contrast that to President Trump who is unapologetically proud of America. The differences are as stark as the dense darkness in the depths of Mammoth Cave to high noon in the Sahara desert.

From his first visit to Saudi Arabia where he confronted Muslim terrorism in its own back yard to Warsaw where he boldly proclaimed Western Judeao-Christian values that are the foundation for freedom.

Just last week in Lavos, he promoted America First and clearly explained that America First does not mean America alone.  He made economics simple by pointing out that a strong American economy is good for the whole world.

The stock market hits new records highs on a weekly basis. When it passed 25,000, President Trump said it looks like 30,000 is our next goal.

I expect him to talk about his plan for investment in infrastructure. He will discuss his plan for Immigration.  He offered a proposal to the Democrats for the Dreamers that is bi-partisan.

He stood firm when Democrats shut down the government to allow some illegal immigrants to stay. His proposal now doubles the number of illegal immigrants who would be allowed to stay and have a path to become citizens.

The mainstream media has focused on matters that don’t matter to the average American. It has become nauseatingly comical. President Trump will address the things that do matter.  It is not just talk. It is action and millions of Americans are seeing it now, even in their own paychecks.

This will be an important address. I will be watching. I hope that you will too.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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Sixth District – Why Vote Early

Early voting opened today in the 6th Congressional District runoff. I live in the 2nd District and will not be able to cast a vote in this election. For those who do live in the 6th, I encourage you to vote early.

There are many, myself included, who believe that voting should be on election day except for absentees. Election day only voting would reduce the opportunity for fraudulent voting.

As much as I believe that, the fact is that early voting is a reality. Disagreeing with early voting and waiting until election day will not change early voting.

Republicans have always done well on election day voting. Democrats historically have a slight advantage in early voting. Republicans need dominate both. Here is why I encourage you to vote early. Continue reading

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Comey, Ice Cream, and September

Each day, the mainstream media and the Democrats in Congress display their utter contempt for President Trump.  Over a week ago, President Trump dismissed FBI Director James Comey.

The President has the full authority to dismiss the director along with many other appointed positions in the Executive Branch.  The FBI Director serves at the pleasure of the President.  Yet the squawks keep coming after a full week. Continue reading

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Why I Support Karen Handel

Karen Handel for Congress

Click on the Banner Above to Donate to Karen Handel

I have been reading a book published by Hillsdale College entitled, The US Constitution, A Reader. The book is a compilation of original writings by our founding fathers and those who influenced their thinking.

You may wonder what this has to do with the title of this post – “Why I Support Karen Handel.” It is a reminder that the platform on which Karen stands is not something new. Her philosophy is grounded in the same philosophy documented over two centuries ago. Continue reading

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2nd District Unanimously Supports Handel in 6th

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, Republicans in Fourteen Congressional Districts across Georgia held District Conventions.  The Second Congressional District unanimously adopted a resolution supporting Karen Handel in the special election runoff on June 20th. Many at the convention also backed the resolution with checks and on-line donations to Karen’s campaign.

A Resolution by the 2nd District Georgia Republican Party Expressing United Support for Karen Handel

WHEREAS, the 6th Congressional District of Georgia is a conservative district that has been represented by Republicans including former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, current US Senator Johnny Isakson, and current Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Price; and Continue reading

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An Appeal to Georgians Who Vote Democrat

I know Georgians who vote Democrat.  Some come from a Labor Union background. Many are African-American. Some are elderly Caucasians who loved Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The common denominator is that they are fed the line that Republicans are greedy, uncaring, and out of touch with the common people. That is a false caricature.  The truth is that the Democrat party is not the party of the common man. It took a sharp detour from that path long ago.  Continue reading

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The Deception of Unity

Following every election candidates, both winning and losing, make statements about being united as Americans. They say that it is now time to unite as one for the common good.

In past elections, even when Republicans won, it appeared that they were more concerned about the appearance of “unity” than the principles on which they ran to get elected. There is a dangerous deception in the calls for unity. Most often those calls are from the media and Democrats. They are loudest when Republicans win. Continue reading

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“It is Over”

I watched C-SPAN coverage of the certification of electoral votes today. Our Republic continues to function in the transition of power. Vice-President Joe Biden as President of the Senate presided over the recording of votes from each state. The House selected two members and the Senate selected two members as tellers.

Beginning with the first state, Alabama, Democrats in the House of Representatives rose to object to the Electoral votes. Vice-President Biden repeatedly called the objections out of order and read from the Section 15 and 17 of the US Code indicating that objections must be in writing and signed by a member of the House and a member of the Senate. Objectors did not have a signature from a Senator. Continue reading

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After States Cast Electoral Votes CNN Still Poses Scenarios

In the movie, Dumb and Dumber, the character, Lloyd Christmas wants to know the chances of a guy like him connecting with a girl like Mary Swanson. She clearly doesn’t want to hurt his feelings but he presses the issue and she finally tells him that the chances are like one out of a million. Lloyd confidently responds, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance. YEAH!”

Since the Presidential election, we have watched the main stream media, particularly CNN, live out the role of Lloyd Christmas. Electors in states across the nation cast their votes for President on Monday, December 19, 2016 and Donald Trump was officially elected as President by a majority of electors. Continue reading

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