My Top Two – Ted Cruz or Donald Trump

As we enter 2016, I have narrowed my list for President to Ted Cruz or Donald Trump. Ben Carson is a close third. If I were to vote today, I honestly do not know if Cruz or Trump would get my vote. Here are some of my thoughts.

We are in big trouble in our nation. We need a President who will charge and slay the dragon of the Washington cartel. It is not just Democrat vs. Republican. It is the People vs. the Washingtonian bureaucracy. It will fight for its life and not go away quietly.

The next President must be bold, courageous, and unflinching. This is what I will be considering to make my final decision before we vote in Georgia on March 1.

Ted Cruz is the most consistent, constitutional, conservative. He ran for Senate and won the election running on the Republican platform of standing up against Obamacare. He was audacious and naive enough to believe that he should actually do what he promised Texans that he would do. Ted Cruz has the best grassroots organization and he will turn out the vote of people who stayed home in the past two presidential elections.

Cruz met the Washington cartel and quickly learned that there were two dimensions of reality for members of Congress. One is the campaign conservative who speaks out boldly against big government while on the campaign trail. The other is inside the Washington beltway far away from the citizens who sacrificed to elect them.

Many members of Congress quickly became enamored with dimension inside the Washington beltway. They sought the committee appointments, leadership roles, and invitations to the social events. They learned about the show votes that would let them send press releases back home boldly proclaiming that they were “fighting” while at the same time quietly voting for innocuous procedural motions that neutered any real fight.

Cruz exposed the hypocrisy. He stood virtually alone. He was chastised and ridiculed by his own party for doing what he told Texans that he would do. I absolutely trust Ted Cruz to do what he says that he will do.

Earlier this year, I reviewed the announcement speeches of 16 Republicans who entered the Presidential race. When it came time to watch and review the announcement speech of Donald Trump, I kept putting it off. I did not think that he was serious. I thought he was just pulling some kind of publicity stunt. Then I took the time to watch his speech.

He rambled, he bloviated, he bragged, he criticized, but as I watched and listened, I saw that he really wanted to make America great again. He was serious and wanted to be taken seriously. I realized that no matter what I had heard or read from the political pundits, Donald Trump, was for real and he was not going away.

Trump is leading in the polls. There are a few things that are rarely mentioned about Donald Trump’s candidacy.

Trump is the GOP candidate who can draw more minority votes than the others. The political class will never admit to that, but there are minority voters who feel betrayed by the empty promises of the Democrats. Many, if not most, want a good job and the opportunity to pursue the American dream. The professional voices of the minorities do not speak for them and they are willing to vote for Trump.

What if Donald Trump could carry his own state of New York? The last President from New York was Franklin Roosevelt. New York’s electoral votes have not gone to a Republican since Ronald Reagan.

New Yorkers are a proud people. Given a choice between the transplant Hillary Clinton and their own Donald Trump, they could very well go with Trump. New York is not in play for any other Republican. If Trump is the nominee and he carries New York, there is no path for the Democrat to win.

I am interested to see what happens in Iowa. Cruz has the ground forces and his supporters will show up for the caucuses. Iowa will reveal the depth of Trump’s ground game. If Trump’s supporters show up in Iowa, count on them to show up every where else.

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