Open Letter to Senator Isakson

Senator Johnny Isakson announced his intention to run for another term in the US Senate in 2016. What he does in the next three weeks will set the stage. He has an opportunity right now. I pray that he will seize the moment. Below is an open letter to Senator Isakson.


Dear Senator Isakson,

I saw your posting on Facebook to Stop Obama’s Lawless Executive Action on Immigration. You asked us to join with you by SIGNING THE PETITION today!

Your posting assured us that you are committed to stop this policy. You wrote that you “will consider all legislative and legal options when determining the best course of action to do so.”

Fire your wordsmiths and talk to us plainly. No one is fooled by reading that you will “consider.” People are sick of elected officials “considering.”

What I am about to say is with great respect for you and your service to Georgians over the years. What I am about to say comes from one who hopes to stand with you and help you get re-elected. (That decision has yet to be made.)

Please do not take what I am about to say lightly. There are plenty who will freely throw around criticism and negativity. I am not one of those.

Having spent the past 18 months involved in a US Senate campaign, I believe that I have a good sense of what Georgians feel. I urge you to listen and and heed what I have heard across the state.

What you do in the next three weeks will determine to a large degree what will happen in 2016.

Instead of saying that you will “consider” all options, will you say that you will “use” any and all legislative and legal options? That includes the option available to you as a single US Senator to filibuster if necessary.

You expressed outrage over the unconstitutional act of Obama. His actions should not have been a surprise. Within hours of the Republican landslide across the nation, Senator Mitch McConnell all but gave Obama an engraved invitation to do so.

McConnell gave up the only real tool you have available right now – the ability to block legislation. That was nearly three weeks ago. Republicans extended the olive branch one more time. Once again, Americans were slapped in the face with it.

Please hear this. It cannot be business as usual. You say that this is an attack on the Constitution itself. Georgians agree. You say that this is lawless action. Georgians agree.

If this is really about the Constitution, then I urge you to walk the talk. All of the bombastic speeches and statements and handwringing fall on deaf ears of Georgia voters.

Let that sink in. Georgia voters are tired of hearing helpless, meaningless, talk.

Georgia voters are more concerned about our country than your chairmanships. Please hear that and hear it clearly.

I trust that you have watched the Jimmy Stewart movie, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” It may be a sappy feel good movie, but it does teach us the power of a single member of the US Senate.

You have that power. It matters not what Mitch McConnell says. You are a United States Senator. Seniority does not come into play. Chairmanships do not come into play. You are a United States Senator.

If this is really about the Constitution, then that trumps everything else. As a member of the US Senate you hold the power. Will you use it?

Ted Cruz was villified, mocked, laughed at, and ridiculed for his stand on Obamacare. But what did Texans have to say about their freshman Senator and his idealistic stand against practically everyone else? He skyrocketed in popularity.

The same thing would happen for you with Georgians. You do not have to go it alone. You may not even have to take the dramatic action of a one man filibuster.

The key is that everyone else in the Senate and the White House must believe that you will take a stand. They must believe that the Constitution is more important to you than a Chairmanship.

There are some Democrats who believe that Obama has gone too far. You, Senator Chambliss, and others have developed close relationships with your colleagues on the Democrat side of the aisle and you can persuade them to cross the aisle to the side of Americans.

What you do in the next three weeks will determine to a large degree what will happen in 2016.

Be like John Hancock who signed his name big enough so that, “old King George can read it without his glasses.”

Please take a stand. Don’t consider it. Do it.

Your Friend,
Donald E. Cole

I appreciate you taking the time to read my thoughts. Please forward these to your friends and share on Facebook. Also, let me hear from you. I always enjoy hearing back from you and I try to respond when you take the time to write me.

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