Perpetual Half Mast

Have you ever reached for the radio dial to find a news station when you saw a flag flying at half mast? Two words probably ran through your mind. “Who died?”

When a flag was at half mast, it meant that a senior statesman died or there was a tragic event. When a flag was at half mast, it got your attention. It stood out.

Today, our flag is at perpetual half mast. Victims of terrorist attacks have barely been laid to rest before we hear of another attack.

This is happening on our soil, against our uniformed peace officers and our citizens. It happened four years ago when our Ambassador, Chris Stevens, was killed in an attack by Islamic terrorists.

Ambassador Stevens was murdered on sovereign US soil at a diplomatic compound in Benghazi. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were focused on political spin control and frozen in their self-centered fear of public reaction to policy failure. They refused to allow our military, who were begging to respond, to even try to rescue our Americans.

This is not America. We are a unique and exceptional nation. Political correctness, divisiveness, and a refusal to acknowledge the reality of a war by radical Islam against America have caused this condition. Even some of our Republican leaders, fearful of being castigated by a left wing media, have contributed to our condition.

The perpetual half mast stirs hearts of Americans. Whether you consciously recognize it or not, you feel it. This November, Americans are going to take decisive action at the polls to put an end to the perpetual half mast.

Political scientists and historians will analyze the 2016 election for years to come. They will conclude that the perpetual half mast fed an uprising that no traditional pundit saw coming.

Signature-Donald E. Cole
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