The Presidency is Not a Celebrity Reality Show

The American culture is infatuated with celebrities. We can text our vote for contestants on Dancing With the Stars. Reality shows abound filled with interpersonal conflicts and drama.

This cultural shift spills over into the political process. The mainstream media focuses on the latest Twitter message and who got offended. As a result political coverage sounds more like a kindergarten playground with shrill cries of, “Did not.” “Did too.”

The Republican and Democrat parties both experienced reality show style conflict and drama. There were some in the Republican party who, because of the personality and style of Donald Trump, stated that they could never and would never vote for him.

The next election for President of the United States is literally weeks away. The next President will be either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Those are our choices. It will not be a Libertarian, third party, or write in candidate.

For those who have declared that Donald Trump will never get their votes, I ask you to reconsider. If you feel that your conscience will not allow a vote for Donald Trump, I ask you to reconsider.

There are only two from which to choose. You may want another, but there is no other. It is either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

The next President will appoint perhaps as many as four justices to the US Supreme Court. The next President will deal with Iran having nuclear weapons. The next President will deal with a growing crisis in the national debt. The next President will deal with a growing terror threat. The next President will deal with threats that are unknown to us today.

I support Donald Trump. I am going to do everything in my power to persuade others to support and vote for Donald Trump.

My support for Donald Trump is not merely to carry the water for the Republican Party. I support Donald Trump because I believe that our nation stands at a critical juncture. There are two, and only two from which to choose.

The headlines today of who was offended by a line in a speech or a Twitter message will not matter to the generations to come. I believe that the American people recognize the gravity of the upcoming Presidential election.

This election is about the direction and future of our nation. The Presidency is not a celebrity reality show.

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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