Who Will Fill the Void?

Who will fill the void? The language and tone of the political season has deteriorated to a repugnant cesspool. Most of us grew up being taught the value of good manners, treating others with respect, and having humility.

Name calling and making fun of others was a punishable offense. So, it is understandable to hear people wish for the campaign season to be over. They just want the conflict to finally end for a season at least.

Who will fill the void? Some have become so sick of the conflict that they conclude that both sides are evil so their solution is to choose, “none of the above.” This year there are some conservative Republicans who say that they will take that course of action with regard to Donald Trump.

I have had conversations with some Republicans who say that as a matter of personal conviction and conscience, they cannot vote for Donald Trump.

I respect your personal convictions. If it violates your conscience to vote for Donald Trump, then do not vote for him.

It is wrong and disrespectful to berate, ridicule, question your patriotism, or blame you for the feared “impending downfall of America” because you cannot, in good conscience, vote for the Republican nominee. I will ask you to reconsider.

Ask yourself this simple question. “Who will fill the void?”

Every electoral decision is a contest over the direction of how a community, state, or nation will govern itself. Voters set that direction.

This election is no different. In fact the decision before us this year is perhaps the most striking contrast we have had in our nation’s history.

Two opposing armies are engaged in a political battle. The next President will be either a Republican or a Democrat.

Each party wrote and voted on a platform when they selected their nominees. Average people whose names will never be in the headlines helped to shape those platforms. The platforms are as different as night and day.

The battle to determine which direction will prevail is fought at the ballot box. Every abstention creates a void. Who will fill that void?

Our society is celebrity focused. When we view a candidate for President as if he is some kind of dictatorial monarch, then we lose sight of the vision of our founding fathers and the Constitution.

When the celebrity becomes the focus of an election, we lose sight of the truth that the election is not about the celebrity. This election is about the direction we will take as a people in governing ourselves.

Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. He represents the Republican platform. I know that the values of conservative Republicans align with the Republican platform. This is not about Donald Trump.

We are in a decisive battle for the conscience of how we will govern our nation. This battle will be fought at the ballot box.

The political discourse is disgusting and repugnant. It will get worse over the next weeks. If you are considering taking the “none of the above” option, then I respectfully ask you to reconsider.

The often quoted Edmund Burke reminds us, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”

Every ballot that would normally be cast for the Republican candidate for President, but is not cast, creates a void. A void never remains empty.

The void will be filled. Who will fill the void?

Signature-Donald E. Cole

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