Rest for Those Who Never Get It

Megan’s House is a place to offer rest for those who never get it. Let me tell you about it.

The birth of a child is a miracle that the word “awesome” does not begin to describe. A mother and father hold this new member of the world community and dream of the future for their precious child.

They dream of Little League, dance recitals, schooling, college, romance, career, and a host of other life events. Parents wonder what this little baby is going to be like. They imagine how their own parents may have felt when they came into the world and dream ahead for the one they now hold in their arms.

Then, they learn that this wonderful little person has a disability. Perhaps they get the news at birth or before. For some it may be months later. Whenever they learn it, their world changes and it changes radically.

At first there may be a shock of disbelief. They pray that there must be a mistake. Maybe the records got mixed up. Then there is a grasp of hope for a cure, a medical breakthrough that will bring everything back to “normal.”

Every newborn requires a lot of care. The average family with a healthy child knows that there will be sleepless nights. Feeding, changing diapers, and walking the floor with baby in arms in the midnight hours is tiresome and weary. The schedule is tiring but as the baby grows, parents know that things will get back to “normal.”

Parents of a child with a disability adjust to a new “normal.” That new normal carries with it a new perspective on life itself.

Parents of a child with a developmental disability will follow a new path in life. In many ways that new path will bring with it joy that they never could have imagined. That path brings a greater empathy and compassion for others.

That new path also brings with it a constant and overwhelming demand on resources – physical and emotional. A community cannot have enough bake sales, pork chop dinners, car washes, love offerings, and fund raisers to meet the costly needs.

The demand never ends. Don’t let that slip by you. It never ends – ever.

This is where Megan’s House steps in. Megan’s House is a program of Easter Seals of Southern Georgia that provides respite care for families with a child with developmental disabilities or who may be considered medically fragile.

The first home was in Albany and now there is a Megan’s House in Valdosta and Waycross. Easter Seals of Southern Georgia just opened their new Megan’s House that will accommodate up to four children at one time.

This linked video is two minutes. This will be a worthwhile investment of your time.

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